Ellis Partners Leadership Team

Our Story

Our Ellis Partners Leadership team has specialized in helping our multifamily clients improve that experience for over three decades by teaming with you to develop professional skills and behaviors in each team member.  Ellis understands that the quality of the customer experience is what sets you apart from your competition.

Established in 1984 to evaluate customer service and performance of onsite leasing professionals through comprehensive mystery shopping reports, we have since become the nation’s leading apartment mystery shopping company. The growing demand to further understand and improve lead conversion encouraged us to expand into resident retention services in 2011, introducing our multiple touchpoint resident survey programs that allow clients to understand their customer’s journey through customer feedback.

In conjunction with the Ellis Partners survey platform, we offer employee surveys that provide insight into the level of engagement with and loyalty to your organization and help you better understand your employees’ personal goals for career growth. Creating an environment of highly engaged employees begins with understanding, focus, and communication.  Employee feedback and ideas are an invaluable resource to help you understand the multifamily workplace dynamics and identify training requirements or learning activities.

Ellis Partners in Management Solutions services have always included a training element, celebrating successes and identifying opportunities for onsite teams. Now our eLearning and training partner, Edge2Learn, brings us full circle by providing training based on mystery shopping and resident survey results as part of their full catalog of services.


Executive Team

Joanna Ellis, CAM, CAPS
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Francis Chow, CPA
Chief Strategic Officer

Lisa Ford
Vice President of Operations

Management Team

Amanda Allen
Customer Success Manager

Laurie Allen
Director of Strategic Performance

Rachelle Ellington
Performance Strategist

Tanya Kittelson
Director of Customer Relations