Digital Experience Mystery Shop

Digital Experience Mystery Shop

Digital Experience Mystery Shop

A Digital Experience Mystery Shop can begin in several ways as directed by the customer. An individual posing as a prospect will visit the property website, call the apartment community, or walk-in at the property to inquire about leasing an apartment. This mystery shop evaluates the varied prospect journey experience from point of contact through touring an apartment.  A digital shop is an in-depth evaluation of the overall leasing presentation, including assessing elements such as the experience on your property website and on the telephone, exploration of the prospect’s needs throughout the prospect journey, how the apartment and community are demonstrated, how the associate attempts to close the sale, and follow-up contacts after each portion of the shop, as well as a summary assessment of the overall experience. These mystery shops include a written mystery shopping report, an audio recording of the call as applicable, and access to extensive dashboard reporting.

  • Evaluates timeliness and effectiveness of website and/or telephone inquiries into leasing an apartment
  • Evaluates quality and effectives of the tour experience (Onsite guided, Onsite Self-Guided, or Virtual Leasing)

These mystery shops give you deeper insights into the prospect journey from beginning to end, including the impact on the likelihood to lease and recommend your community based on the varying interactions evaluated as part of the digital experience mystery shop.

Ellis’ mystery shops provide objective feedback to help you specifically focus on successes as well as opportunities for improvement in the digital, telephone, and touring experiences of your prospects.

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