eLearning: Ellis + Edge2Learn = Winning Solution

The combined power of Ellis, Partners and Edge2Learn takes you on the complete journey from investigation to education. Ellis mystery shops highlight areas of both strength and susceptibility in your internal processes, while surveys uncover resident’s experiences, motivations, and intentions.  Edge2Learn’s customizable, comprehensive eLearning and performance-based platform has identified growth opportunities, building stronger employees across all of your communities. By targeting areas identified as opportunities in mystery shops and resident surveys, we reduce time spent on training.  Edge2Learn assigns 1-6 minute microlearning segments to help learners focus their time and attention on specific knowledge gaps.

  • eLearning courses, performance-based training, infographics, practice exercises, and educational webinars
  • Microlearning modules geared towards apartment fundamentals for property management
  • Specifically addresses the training needs and opportunities identified by the Ellis mystery shop and resident survey programs
  • Acknowledges knowledge gaps while increasing learner engagement, satisfaction, and retention
  • Designed to educate, develop, and grow employees to perform at a higher level:  Performance Improvement!

Edge2Learn offers a proprietary learning management system (EDGE) for Multifamily that makes it easy to administer and monitor the most appropriate training solutions for everyone in Multifamily. It also includes a robust library of eLearning content covering compliance, operational, leasing, marketing, leadership, soft skills, maintenance, risk management, and safety training topics.


eLearning with Edge2Learn

Edge2Learn is our eLearning affiliate that specializes in training.  The EDGE Learning Management System (LMS) delivers highly engaging education that enables learners to achieve their career goals more readily and helps management achieve greater success while reducing liability risks.  EDGE also serves as a turnkey training solution companies can manage internally for all their employee education needs.

Continual reinvestment in the latest technology and education to improve services and products keeps us abreast of industry trends that give our clients an advantage!

The first step to learning success is to dive a little deeper by visiting Edge2Learn!

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