Internet Mystery Shop

Internet Shop

Internet Shop

  • The Internet Shop begins with an individual posing as a prospect (mystery shopper) completing an online form (through an Internet listing service/property website) linked to a specific apartment community
  • Evaluates timeliness and quality of response to Internet leads and also helps identify technical and SPAM issues

The apartment mystery shopper begins by completing an online form such as through your property website or an ILS (Internet listing service), with the intent of evaluating the timeliness and quality of response sent by the leasing professional.

In addition to the customer service analysis, this type of shop is useful in verifying the technical functionality and accuracy of the community’s online operations. For example, we have discovered issues related to spam and those initial internet inquiries being delivered to the wrong property email address.

This type of shop is generally performed within five days of order placement and includes online access to reports summarizing the results of a client’s shops over time.

Our reporting allows you to closely monitor your team’s performance and the quality of service they provide to every prospect; it teaches your leasing professional why it’s important to be mindful of potential residents’ needs and ensures that every interaction at your community is high quality.


Sample Internet Apartment Mystery Shop Report