Policies and Procedures by Policy Edge

policies and procedures by Policy Edge

Policies and Procedures by Policy Edge

Your employees already grasp the importance of knowing and following policies, but how can you ensure follow-through on steps toward questions, compliance, and easy reference? 

Edge2Learn and Policy Edge have you covered!

By making company policies more readily available and aligning with company training on Edge2Learn, your employees can easily reference and adhere to company policies from anywhere using a computer or mobile device.

Policy Edge offers a modernized approach that is both affordable and flexible to fit the budget of any Multifamily organization. Through a partnership with PowerDMS, the #1 policy and compliance management platform for high-trust organizations, Policy Edge offers the multifamily industry a seamless solution for managing ever-changing policies and 250+ property management-specific procedures.

Edge2Learn’s Policy Topics Include:

Accounting & PMC Systems | Culture | Emergency & Prevention | Fair Housing | IT & Cyber Security | Leasing | Maintenance | Marketing Operations | Operations

Combining policies with Edge2Learn’s customizable learning management system and courseware allow for a one-stop and seamless employee experience in the learning world. 


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