Powerful Telephone Techniques


The number one objective for handling a telephone inquiry is to get the prospect to your property for a tour right now. A telephone prospect tends to be the most stable and dependable one; they are even better than an internet lead. To accomplish this objective, you must set an appointment and focus on qualifying versus being too quick to disqualify the prospect.

Do not just give out information, make sure the information meets their needs. Take the time to ask the prospect questions to make sure the community is a great fit for their needs and wants.

There are six (6) steps to a powerful telephone call:

  1. Stop what you’re doing at the time.
  2. Answer the phone by the 3rd ring.
  3. Smile…the caller will hear it.
  4. Offer an enthusiastic greeting.
  5. Sound warm and friendly with a positive attitude.
  6. Be prepared; have your leasing tools ready.

Use the manual guest card over the electronic when on the phone to gather as much information as you can. This builds trust. You must also ask essential qualifying questions.

Get comfortable with demonstrating over the phone as well. Sell the value of the apartment by painting an image within your prospect’s mind with words and emotions. This will also create a sense of urgency to tour the property. The prospect will be excited to meet you and learn more about what the apartment community has to offer.

Next, set an appointment using the funnel technique. Ask questions that help narrow down the time the prospect can come to tour the property, such as Saturday or Sunday? Right now or after work? You will want to set a time on the same call.

A qualified prospect will have these qualities:

  • They like you, the leasing professional.
  • They feel the rental rate is acceptable.
  • The location or neighborhood of your property works for them.
  • They believe the apartment community looks and “feels” appealing.

Your job is to be friendly, enthusiastic and professional. This is the core of relationship selling.

Presented by: 

Rick Ellis, CAM, CPM, Owner
Ellis Consulting Group