Telephone and Onsite Shop

  • Begins with an individual posing as a customer (mystery shopper) conducting a telephone shop of the apartment community and an in-person visit to the community
  • Provides objective and timely feedback on the telephone and onsite leasing presentation

As the leading apartment mystery shopping company, we perform more onsite shops than any other company. Our onsite shop starts with the shopper conducting a telephone shop (which can be audio recorded) of the targeted apartment community and/or leasing professional. The apartment shopper will then proceed with an in-person visit to the apartment community. Following the visit, the shopper will complete an in-depth evaluation of the leasing professional and an assessment of the community. Each report is made available online and includes detailed scoring and benchmarking figures that identify specific strengths and weaknesses in a particular area of the leasing presentation as well as within certain areas of the property management’s portfolio. Reports also include targeted training links that help leasing professionals address any identified deficiencies while reminding the leasing professional of specific techniques that are useful in their day-to-day leasing presentations. Results are easily summarized by performance category (i.e. telephone, greeting, etc.) and by such categories as vice president, regional manager, city, etc.


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