Text Analytics and Sentiment Surveys

Text Analytics/Sentiment Surveys

  • Text Analytics/Sentiment Surveys for feedback on customer sentiment
  • Analyze the context for comments shared in each survey
  • Quantify customer emotions by understanding customer sentiment

As part of the enhanced resident surveys program, we provide feedback on customer sentiment – common themes – through our text analytics. Our built-in analytics do the work of providing perspective on customer feedback, saving you the time and costs of evaluating raw data to find meaning and value. In addition, our resident surveys program defines the bigger picture of strategic focus points, allowing you to refine the process of increasing resident retention – and boost your ROI.

Ellis offers a variety of resident surveys that can be used individually or in combination. Ask us to recommend what would be most helpful for you.  Our targeted resident surveys program identifies and prioritizes the actions required to drive a more positive customer experience. Our program is geared toward customer loyalty – understanding the customer and what influences them to renew and/or recommend your community to a friend or family member. Using our partnership with rating and review sites, resident survey results can be leveraged as reviews on your website, blogs, and social media to increase review volume and positive online feedback.

Need Training?

We can blend your resident survey results with training automatically assigned to your learners for a seamless learning experience for your team at Edge2Learn!