Multifamily properties thrive with multi-talented people.

Achieve a higher level of performance with Ellis’ integrated solution of shops, surveys and e-learning

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Ellis Solutions

Solutions for Multifamily Professionals


Mystery Shops

Our Mystery Shops help you attract new quality customers and convert quality leads.

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Resident Surveys

Would your residents recommend you? We can help find out with ratings and reviews.

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Our Training solutions improve employee performance for greater company success.

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Policies Platform

Our Policies platform offers the multifamily industry a seamless solution for managing ever-changing policies and procedures.

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Knowledge in action puts success in motion.

For almost forty years, Ellis has led the way in helping multifamily communities become and remain successful. Our holistic approach combines research into resident perspective and property management performance with comprehensive training to ensure you have both the knowledge and the know-how to grow your communities, your people, and your performance.


Innovative Products

We continuously evolve our products so they remain both powerful and practical. As the industry changes, so do we – keeping you in the loop about what matters most for your community members, potential residents, and your own people. As the challenges of the industry grow more complex, we do the hard work of keeping things as simple as possible so you can be consistently successful.

Actionable Data

Our mystery shops and resident surveys deliver the objective, in-depth data you need to understand your on-site team’s performance. You’ll discover where people need improvement, what they’re doing well and what they could be doing even better. Then we’ll help you address all those situations with our suite of online training courses.

Industry Trailblazers

Since 1984, Ellis has been the multifamily property industry’s go-to resource for customer feedback, performance research, and effective training. We’ve proven our methods over thousands of engagements, and continually refine them so they’ll stay successful for thousands to come.

Performance Focused

Everything we do is designed to help your company, your properties, and your people perform better. That means every mystery shop, every resident survey, and every one of our 500+ e-learning modules is executed or created to increase the level of excellence throughout your organization.


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Free bi-monthly webinars on a variety of topics along with customized fee-based webinars based on your specific training objective.

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Real world training tips, industry tips and trends along with topics to help you engage with customers and employees on all levels.

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Free Leasing Training

industry tips and trends along with topics to help you engage with customers and employees on all levels.

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