Get Paid To Shop

Become an Apartment Mystery Shopper and get paid to shop while you help us help our clients.

Ellis contracts with individuals to conduct over 8,000 apartment mystery shops monthly. We’re fair to the shoppers with whom we contract, and our staff is available to answer questions and help with challenges

Become an Ellis apartment mystery shop contractor today.

  1. Fill out the registration form
  2. Complete the independent contractor agreement.
  3. Choose the shop contract opportunities you want online
  4. Complete the shop contracts in a timely manner
  5. Get paid once a month by direct deposit

Apartment Mystery Shopping is:

  • A tool to help a property owner understand the prospect experience at an apartment community.
  • Widely recognized as an effective marketing and training strategy for sales and customer service

An Apartment Mystery Shopper:

  • Poses as a “real” customer.
  • Masks their shopper identity from the person being evaluated.
  • Might be asked to lease an apartment.
  • Might ask specific questions or voice a specific objection that the client requests, to see how they are handled.
  • Will evaluate a typical customer’s experience.
  • Operates with complete independence and autonomy.
  • Provides detailed, objective feedback about their experience.
  • Never reveals themselves as a shopper during the shop or during any follow-up.

Helpful links about Mystery Shopping
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BEWARE of Email Shopping Scams
Ellis has been made aware of an email scam regarding shop contracts for our company. Please be advised you can verify the legitimacy of ALL Ellis shop contracts that are available by logging into your Ellis shopper account or contacting us by email or phone. Ellis does not offer apartment shop contract opportunities by mail. If you have reason to believe you have received a fraudulent email or other type of communication involving Ellis shop contract opportunities (especially for any type of assignment other than a multifamily housing mystery shop), please notify us immediately so we can take proper action.