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Become an apartment mystery shopper and get paid to tell us about your experience.

Apartment mystery shopping is a widely recognized and highly effective tool to help a property manager understand the prospect experience in their community. An apartment mystery shopper poses as a prospective resident looking for an apartment in order to evaluate and give feedback on their experience. 

Ellis contracts with individuals just like you to conduct over 8,000 apartment mystery shops per month! We make sure you have everything you need to complete your shop contract and document your experience. Our staff is ready and available to answer questions and help with any challenges that may arise during or after your shop.

With many different shop types available, you are sure to find your best fit:




Get Paid for Your Opinion

Tell us about your apartment mystery shopping experience!

It’s easy to get started! Become an independent contractor apartment mystery shopper today and get paid to tell us your experience by following these 5 steps:

  1. Sign-up Online

One page registration that can be completed online in minutes!

2. Accept Shop

Choose the shop opportunities you want from your online portal.

3. Finish Shop

Complete the shop project in a timely manner.

4. Submit Report

Provide detailed, objective feedback about your experience.

5. Get Paid

Get paid once per month by direct deposit!

Ask Us Anything!

Below are frequently asked questions when someone is applying for apartment mystery shopping for the first time. For more specific questions, please email us at [email protected]

What is apartment mystery shopping?

While posing as a prospective resident looking for an apartment, an apartment mystery shopper evaluates and gives honest feedback on their experience. As a mystery shopper, you will mask your true identity from the person being evaluated. You may be tasked with asking specific questions or voicing objections to see how they are handled.

After the shop, you will be asked to provide detailed, objective feedback about your experience.

Where do I sign up?

You can register online today! Once you have completed your online shopper registration and independent contractor agreement, you may log in to search for shop projects in your area and self-accept shop projects.

How do I sign up for a shop project?

You can self-accept most shop projects on the Ellis website by logging into your shopper account, viewing available shop projects, and selecting the one(s) you want to complete. 

How many shops can I do?

You can view your self-accept job limit by logging into your shopper account. Your self-accept shop limits may be increased or decreased over time based on the timeliness, quality, and accuracy of your shop reports. 

When are shop projects released?

We release new shop projects and update the list of available shops often! Check back daily to see new opportunities for shops in your area.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid monthly via direct deposit for completed shops.
See our FAQ page for more frequently asked questions!

BEWARE of Email Shopping Scams
Ellis has been made aware of an email scam regarding shop contracts. Please be advised you can verify the legitimacy of all Ellis shop contracts by logging into your Ellis shopper account or contacting us by email or phone. 

If you have reason to believe you have received a fraudulent email or other types of communication involving Ellis mystery shop contract opportunities, please contact us immediately so we can take proper action.

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