Ellis Resident Surveys Benchmarking Program

Resident Surveys Benchmarking

Ellis Resident Surveys Benchmarking

As part of the Ellis Resident Surveys Benchmark Program, we monitor and publish performance across our entire mystery shopping database and maintain a record of historical results for all Ellis Resident Surveys Benchmarks over time.

Benchmarks for lead conversion (prospects), move-in, maintenance, pre-renewal, and move-out, as well as overall customer loyalty and response times to surveys, are calculated independently as part of the Ellis Resident Surveys Benchmark program and are published quarterly in the Ellis Mystery Shop and Resident Surveys Benchmark letter, recognizing top performers.

Ellis Resident Surveys Benchmark Metrics

  • Lead Conversion experience score
    • Move-in experience score
    • Maintenance experience score (only surveyed once in 90-day period)
    • Pre-Renewal experience score (90 days prior to lease renewal)
    • Move-out survey (30 days after move-out)
    • Survey Response Time (in days)
    • KPI: Leasing Process
    • KPI: Customer Service
    • KPI: Maintenance Satisfaction
    • KPI: Property Satisfaction
    • KPI: Community Sentiment
    • KPI: Perceived Value