Taming Your Time Management Monster

time management

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? All multifamily leasing professionals and trainers have experienced the struggle of efficient time management, but this is an area you CAN take control of! We’ll discuss habits and solutions to help you make the most of your day every day.

Let’s start with where your day begins – waking up in the morning. What does your wake-up routine include? Most people reach for their phones to check messages, social media, news, etc. as a first instinct upon waking. This sets the tone for your entire day, but not in the best way possible. Checking your phone first means that 90% of your waking thoughts are focused on the previous day, which can set you up for a less than productive routine.

Another pitfall for your morning routine is switching on the news as you get ready. This means you’re already filling your mind with those images and stories, which may be setting you up to start your day with a less than positive attitude. Be mindful of what you watch or listen to as you begin your day as these things can impact your positive trajectory. One major habit that can negatively influence your work experience is gossip. Help yourself stay on the higher end by avoiding the mundane gossip about residents, co-workers, vendors, management, etc. When you come into the leasing office with a positive, happy attitude, you can spread that positivity to other leasing professionals on your team!

When you’re working, are you merely keeping busy or are you being productive? You can ensure your efforts are productive by changing your habits.

Be Mindful. A great starting place is to practice mindfulness. A growing number of people use yoga to this end. Remember, in each day there are 1,440 minutes, so you have 1,440 opportunities to make a positive impact each day! Sometimes, you need to slow down to speed up. If you’re bogged down by an excess of tasks and you’re having to work faster and faster to keep up, you may need to step back and slow down in order to really become productive instead of just busy. When we have too many things we’re trying to juggle, we end up dropping some of the balls.

Simplify. Simplifying and de-cluttering gives you more space to perform. However, “de-clutter” may not mean the same thing to every person. It’s important to know yourself and what matters to you so that you can de-clutter effectively. While one personality type may thrive in a workspace that is sparse and orderly, another person may feel better having things around them which bring them joy but are not essential to the actual work process. Allow yourself to make the changes that work for you to create a workspace you can be successful in.

Identify opportunities. Take a look at your total day and identify where you are wasting time. How much time are you spending on social media each day? If you look at the actual numbers, you may be shocked. Don’t allow your life to be lived behind the screen; be present! You also need to be aware of procrastination as this will allow you to become overwhelmed. If you find yourself making a habit of procrastinating, start small to make the change. Set small goals for yourself to get started on a project that seems daunting. Once you get going, progress can build up faster than you think!

In order to change, you need to identify and name your goals and be as specific and descriptive as possible. Think big! What will you do with the time you save when you’ve made your change? Further, don’t limit your goals. If you’re making great progress and you see yourself surpassing the goal you originally set, stick with it! Be creative when pursuing your goals; try a vision board to help you stay

focused. You can even create a Mindmovie using the Mind Movie app to help you remember where you’re going. All things considered, don’t forget to allow yourself to have fun!

Presented by:

Donna Hickey

Donna Hickey, CAM
Ellis Consulting Group