20 Easy Ways to Ask for (and Get!) Your Customer’s Email Address


Putting together the greatest email campaign ever doesn’t do you any good unless your emails are being seen by the right people. Building an email list is critical to your marketing efforts, but not every customer – or prospect – is always thrilled to give out their email address.

Here are 20 easy ways to ask for (and get!) your customer’s email address.

  • Offer to communicate new specials, availability, and more with every prospective resident
  • Offer to email prospects a brochure, the application, a price quote, etc. while they are considering their move
  • Offer to follow up with the prospect by email to check on their progress and see if you can answer any questions that might come up
  • Offer to email the move-in check list or a receipt for the deposit to all new move-ins
  • Add a link on your website to subscribe to email communications, such as your resident newsletter or blog
  • Put a form on your Facebook fan page asking users to sign up for email communications
  • Distribute your resident event notices and newsletters by email only (Bonus: You’ll be saving trees!)
  • Share your latest newsletter or blog on a social network so everyone can see the great content you are delivering, and then ask people to sign up to receive the information by email
  • Bring an email sign-up sheet to every resident event you host
  • On every service request make it a requirement to have the resident’s email address in case you need to contact them before or after the service is completed
  • Host a coffee & doughnuts breakfast as a resident appreciation event – invite all your residents and have the onsite team there to greet, facilitate, and of course ask each resident to jot down their email address in order to get their donut and/or coffee
  • Create a ongoing birthday/anniversary monthly drawing for customers with small gifts/prizes. (Tell them winners will only be notified by email!)
  • Ask for email addresses as each resident pays their rent to make sure you have their most current contact information – or – offer to email them a receipt for the payment
  • Create shareable content and encourage current subscribers to forward your emails to friends
  • Do a phone blast to each resident letting them know your community is committed to providing excellent service and that you need their email addresses to better communicate with them about happenings at your community
  • Ask residents to submit blogs by email that you can post on your website (Bonus: They get recognition of having their work published online and you get the SEO and their email address!)
  • Have your staff go door to door when residents are home to ask for any missing email addresses to that you can provide better service (i.e. to communicate with them important things like tree trimming, re-pavement etc.)
  • Add a field on your leasing agreement (or an addendum) asking for the resident’s email address
  • Add a QR code to your print marketing, where smart phone users can opt-in for email communications
  • Incentivize your staff to collect email addresses with a half day off work or gift card

One of the most easy ways to ask for and get your customer’s email address is simply to ASK. Yes, ask every resident to provide their email address so that you can better communicate to them about routine community maintenance and resident events. You’ll find that your customer is more often than not willing to provide their email address as their preferred mode of communication.

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