Targeted-based Training

  • Personalized training modules tailored to areas of the mystery shop where the leasing professional has fallen short of expectations
  • Designed to redirect and reinforce techniques to sell your customer on living at your community.

As an added service to complement your telephone and onsite apartment mystery shopping reports, Ellis offers you the option of personalized online training modules tailored to the areas of the shop where the leasing professional may have fallen short of your expectations. If your target goal for a particular area of the shop is missed, the leasing professional who was shopped will be directed to a web-based reinforcement training session tied specifically to that area for improvement.

As soon as the report is generated, links to each applicable target area for retraining will be directly accessible from the shopping report. Each specialized training module includes written tips, video and audio samples as well as an element of “fun” designed to provide a memorable apartment leasing training experience. As management, you can use the mystery shopping report to view the current status of each training component recommended for that particular shop so you can verify the sessions were completed as directed.

This service is designed to be a fast and efficient way to attack common trouble areas within the sales process. While the program is not designed to replace basic sales training or your current processes for improving apartment leasing performance, targeted retraining is a time-saving way to redirect and reestablish techniques to accomplish the ultimate goal: selling your customer on living at your community.

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